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Asbestos Surveying

Aerem provides asbestos management surveys, which are the standard asbestos surveys required for any building. Its purpose is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspected Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) in the building that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy (including foreseeable maintenance) and to assess their condition.

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Why Invest In Asbestos Surveying

Conducting asbestos surveys in New Zealand, as in many other countries, is a critical safety measure due to the significant health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring mineral fibers that were widely used in construction and various products for their durability, fire resistance, and insulating properties. However, it was later discovered that inhalation of asbestos fibers can lead to serious lung conditions, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Below are the main reasons why asbestos surveys are conducted.

  1. Legal Requirement: In New Zealand, the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 require identifying and managing asbestos in the workplace. Property owners and employers have a duty to ensure that any presence of asbestos is identified and the risks are appropriately managed to protect workers and others from exposure.

  2. Health Protection: The primary reason for conducting asbestos surveys is to protect people’s health. Identifying the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and assessing their condition can prevent the release of harmful fibres into the air, reducing the risk of exposure.

  3. Building and Renovation Safety: Before any renovation, demolition, or construction work, it is essential to know whether asbestos is present. Disturbing ACMs can release fibres into the air, posing a health risk to workers and occupants. An asbestos survey helps plan the work safely, including implementing appropriate control measures or removing asbestos by licensed professionals.

  4. Risk Management: Asbestos surveys help create an asbestos management plan, which is required for buildings with identified asbestos. This plan outlines how to manage and control the risks associated with asbestos in the building, including procedures for maintenance, emergencies, and informing occupants and workers about the presence of asbestos.

  5. Environmental Protection: Proper identification and management of asbestos also protect the environment from contamination, which can occur if asbestos materials are improperly handled or disposed of.

  6. Due Diligence and Property Transactions: Asbestos surveys can be part of the due diligence process for selling, purchasing, or leasing commercial or residential properties. Knowing the condition and extent of asbestos in a building can affect its value, potential usage, and the cost of future removal or remediation.

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys locate and describe Asbestos Containing Materials in areas where intrusive maintenance and repair, refurbishment, or demolition work is set to occur. The fully intrusive survey requires access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach – undertaking Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys before any refurbishment or demolition works is a strict regulatory requirement and a duty of any PCBUs with management or control of a Workplace.

Soil analysis (BRANZ) quantifies asbestos in contaminated soil as per NZ guidelines published in 2017. It complies with the BRANZ-published “NZ Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asbestos in Soil” (2017).

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Asbestos Testing

Reinspection Asbestos Surveys

Over time, ACMs can degenerate or be accidentally damaged, causing the level of risk to change substantially. The New Zealand law requires that their condition be inspected regularly and records updated accordingly. Our asbestos surveyors can re-inspect premises and provide these updates to ensure compliance information is maintained and the original asbestos survey data is used effectively. Allow us to take care of all your asbestos management surveys & re-inspections. Asbestos Management Plans set out how your workplace has identified asbestos or Asbestos Containing Material will be managed.

An Asbestos Management Plan must include information about:

  • The identification of asbestos and ACM (e.g. where any signs and labels are located).
  • Decisions and reasons for the decisions, about how the asbestos risks are managed (e.g. safe work procedures and control measures).
  • Procedures for recording incidents or emergencies involving asbestos in the workplace.

Information about the workers carrying out work involving asbestos, including:

  • Information and training that has been or will be provided
  • Their roles and responsibilities
  • Any health monitoring that has been or will be conducted.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

Aerem will work with your team to create an Asbestos Management Plan that fits your living/working environment with clear responsibilities and solutions for managing asbestos risk and an implemented re-inspection program ensuring long-term regulatory compliance.

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Why Choose Aerem


At Aerem, we have a wealth of expertise in conducting asbestos surveys and evaluations. Over the years we have refined our approach to the detection and management of asbestos within commercial and residential properties. Our team of experts has the knowledge and processes to conduct thorough asbestos assessments, delivering reliable findings and practical advice.

Customised Solutions

Understanding that each building and workspace has its own set of dynamics and potential asbestos-related challenges, Aerem is dedicated to providing customised solutions that cater specifically to your circumstances. We recognise the critical nature of addressing asbestos risks with precision and care. Through a collaborative process, we work to pinpoint and resolve asbestos concerns, ensuring a safe and compliant environment tailored to your specific needs.

Accuracy & Reliability

The foundation of our services at Aerem lies in our commitment to accuracy and reliability. Utilising advanced techniques and technology, we ensure that our asbestos surveys and assessments are conducted with attention to detail, adhering to strict industry standards and protocols. This approach guarantees that our clients receive dependable data and analysis, enabling confident and informed decision-making regarding asbestos management.

Client Satisfaction

Your peace of mind and satisfaction drive our efforts at Aerem. From your first engagement with us through to the delivery of our comprehensive reports, our goal is to surpass your expectations. We are focused on providing a smooth and transparent process, with clear communication, prompt service, and ongoing support. Choosing Aerem means entrusting your asbestos survey needs to a team committed to excellence, focused on safeguarding the health and safety of your workplace and its occupants.

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Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

We start by engaging in a detailed conversation to understand your specific concerns and requirements related to asbestos within your property. This crucial first step enables us to customise our survey approach to align with your unique situation, ensuring that our efforts are precisely targeted to address your needs.

2. Site Inspection and Sampling

Following the initial consultation, our team conducts a thorough on-site inspection to identify potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This phase involves careful sampling of suspected materials, following strict safety standards to ensure minimal disruption and risk. The collected samples are then prepared for laboratory analysis to determine the presence of asbestos.

3. Laboratory Analysis

The samples collected during the site inspection are sent to our accredited laboratory for detailed analysis. This step is essential for accurately identifying the type and concentration of asbestos in the materials, providing us with the critical information needed to assess the risk and plan further actions.

4. Risk Assessment and Reporting

Once we have the laboratory analysis results, we evaluate the risk associated with the identified ACMs. A comprehensive report is prepared, detailing the findings, including the location, condition, and risk level of each type of asbestos found. The report also includes practical recommendations for managing, containing, or removing the asbestos safely.

5. Asbestos Management Plan

Based on the report findings, we develop a tailored asbestos management plan. This plan outlines effective strategies for managing the identified asbestos, ensuring the safety of occupants and compliance with regulatory requirements. It includes protocols for ongoing monitoring, re-inspection schedules, and guidelines for emergency and maintenance procedures.

6. Implementation Guidance

The final step involves a thorough briefing with our client to discuss the survey findings, risk assessments, and the proposed asbestos management plan. We provide clear guidance on implementing the management strategies, including recommendations for professional asbestos remediation services if required. Our team remains available to offer support and advice, ensuring you are fully equipped to manage asbestos risks effectively and maintain a safe environment.

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FAQs - Asbestos Surveying

An asbestos survey is a thorough examination conducted by experts to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in a building or structure. It aims to assess the condition of these materials and the potential risk they pose to occupants’ health and safety.

Asbestos surveys are essential for managing asbestos risks in any property, especially if it was constructed or renovated before the asbestos ban. Identifying and managing asbestos properly can prevent health hazards, comply with legal requirements, and ensure the safety of building occupants.

There are primarily two types of asbestos surveys: Management Surveys, which aim to locate ACMs that could be disturbed during normal occupancy and maintenance, and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys, which are required before any refurbishment or demolition work to locate all ACMs in the area.

The duration of an asbestos survey varies depending on the size of the property, the amount of suspected ACMs, and the type of survey being conducted. A typical residential property might take a few hours, while a larger commercial building could take several days.

We strive to minimise disruption during our surveys. Management Surveys are less intrusive and are usually conducted during normal business hours. Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys are more extensive and may require access to all areas, potentially leading to some temporary disruptions.

If asbestos is found, we will assess its risk and condition and recommend an appropriate course of action. This could range from leaving the asbestos undisturbed, encapsulating it to prevent fiber release, or safely removing it. An asbestos management plan will also be developed to ensure ongoing safety.

The cost of an asbestos survey varies based on the property size, survey type, and complexity of the job. We provide a detailed quote after the initial consultation, ensuring transparency and no hidden costs.

Asbestos management plans typically recommend annual re-inspections to monitor the condition of identified ACMs. However, the frequency can vary based on the type and condition of the asbestos, as well as any changes to the property or its use.

Removing asbestos is highly regulated and should only be done by licensed professionals due to the health risks involved. Improper handling can lead to asbestos fibre release, posing a severe health risk to you and others.

To schedule an asbestos survey, simply contact us through our contact page, email, or phone. We will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your needs and plan the survey at a time that is convenient for you.